Build Your Own Android Applications Via Android Studio

August 20, 2019 - Specials By AI-Crowds
Build Your Own Android Applications Via Android Studio

Want to build your own android applications? The Android Studio is a perfect answer. This Software can be used for building your own applications, converting them into apks and much more. Android Studio is available for download on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Before proceeding further, first, you should learn about the minimum requirements which are essential for running this software smoothly.

The android emulator supports 64bit Windows.

Android Studio is the easiest way of building your desired applications. After building the applications you can convert your applications into apk and finally can test on your Android Smartphone.

There are two tabs. One is a code window and another one is design window.

After your application runs smoothly, you can convert it into apk by using “build” option.

By this way, you can have your own apk. You can download the latest android studio from their own OFFICIAL LINK.

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