Radeon RX 580, The Ultimate Review


The Radeon RX Five Hundred series are a series of graphics cards introduced by AMD. These VGA cards are based on the 4th number of the Graphics Core architecture, featuring GPUs based on Polaris Eleven, Twelve, Twenty, and Thirty chips. Thus, the RX 500 series uses the same microarchitecture and instruction set as its predecessor, while making use of improvements in the manufacturing process to enable higher clock rates. AMD released the RX 580 on April 18, 2017. One of their best cards at that time. Following are the details

Graphic Card:

             Release Date                    Apr 18th, 2017

   Generation                       Polaris (RX 500)

   Production                        Active

   Launch Price                     229 USD

   Bus Interface                    PCIe 3.0 x16

Graphics Processor:

   Architecture                     GCN 4.0

   Foundry                             GlobalFoundries

   Process Size                      14 nm

   Transistors                        5,700 million

   Die Size                              232 mm²

Clock Speeds:

   GPU Clock                          1257 MHz

   Boost Clock                        1340 MHz

   Memory Clock                   2000 MHz

        8000 MHz effective

Board Design:

   Slot Width                          Dual-slot

   Length                                 9.5 inches
                                                          241 mm

   TDP                                      185 W

   Outputs                               1x HDMI
                                                           3x DisplayPort

   Power Connector               1x 8-pin

Render Configuration:

   Shading Units                      2304

   TMUs                                    144

   ROPs                                     32

   Compute Units                    36

   L1 Cache                               16 KB (per CU)

   L2 Cache                               2 MB

Graphics Features:

   DirectX                                  12.0 (12_0)

   OpenGL                                 4.6

OpenCL                                 2.0

Vulkan                                   1.1.101

Shader Model                      6.4

So, now that technical specifications are out of the way, we can talk about the real performance of this card.

RX 580 performs almost equal or even better than the GTX 980 and GTX 1060 6 GB variant. Although its main rival is the 1060 but the 980 also performs nearly the same as both of them.

Let’s move on to some Gaming Benchmarks so u can get a better idea of its performance.

Gaming Benchmarks:

Well from all the above benchmarks it is clear that the RX 580 will have no problem running the latest AAA titles on 1080 at 60fps. So, you are going to have no problem when running any kind of game on this GPU.

Power Consumption of RX 580:

We can clearly see here that AMD cards take up a lot of power. This is clearly the case for the RX 580 GPU. It consumes way more power than 1060 6GB and 3gb respectively.

Should You Buy It Or Not:

Well the RX 580 4Gb or 8Gb whichever you go for is an excellent choice for any gamer who is looking for upper budget range card.

In Pakistan you can get it used for like Rs 26,000 for the 8gb variant and in Rs 23,000 or even Rs 22,000 for the 4gb variant. It’s cheaper than the GTX 1060 6gb which is like Rs 29,000 in used condition and it also has 2gb of less memory than the 8gb RX 580.

Considering the price, it’s a very awesome GPU for its price and it will get your job done.

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