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In the past few years, a lot of new mobile companies have come out, but none of them had made their position as strong as Realme. Following the footsteps of OnePlus, they offered pretty compelling smartphones in the budget segment. The phones had some of the highest-end chipsets for a budget phone at the lowest possible price. Realme 6 and 6 Pro are the latest smartphones by the company and are some of the most compelling smartphones yet.

Things that Set Them Apart

Some of the things that set the Realme 6 and 6 Pro apart from other smartphones are:

  • Processor
  • 90 Hz Display
  • Cameras
  • Battery life

Build & Design

Talking about the build and design of smartphones. Realme has overhauled the design of both their smartphones to make them more premium and appealing. Both of the phones come in front glass design with the Realme 6 having Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 for protection while the Pro has Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5.

Both smartphones have a plastic frame, but there is one key difference as the Pro comes in glass back design, which is a more premium-feeling than the plastic back on the standard Realme 6. On the front side, both smartphones have a punch hole camera design, which looks more futuristic. Realme 6 has a single punch hole camera while the 6 Pro comes in dual-camera design.


This is an area where the company has innovated the most because the Realme 6 and 6 Pro both include a 90Hz 1080p IPS LCD Screen. High refresh rates are not common in budget phones, but Realme has really outdone themselves with these displays. Both the phones are really fast due to the high refresh rate and fluid animations.

Being IPS, you don’t have the punchy colors of say like an OLED panel, but the high refresh rate doesn’t make up for the lack of an OLED display. The brightness on both phones can go up to 480 nits, which is good for the price segment.


Both smartphones come with powerful processors, but there are different chipsets inside the two phones. Realme 6 comes with the very popular and gaming-oriented chipset, Mediatek’s Helio G90T, while the Pro comes with the latest Snapdragon 720G. Both of these chipsets are gaming-oriented. You will be disappointed by any chipset because both of them are top of the line budget chipsets. Your whole experience should be pretty smooth.


Both of the smartphones come in a quad camera design with a few little changes in the sensors. Realme 6 consists of:

  • 64 MP Main Sensor
  • 8 MP Ultrawide
  • 2 MP Macro
  • 2 MP Depth Sensor

While the Realme 6 Pro sees some slight few changes like:

  • 64 MP Main Sensor
  • 12 MP Telephoto
  • 8 MP Ultrawide
  • 2 MP Macro

The main cameras in both the smartphones are a 64 MP sensor, which means that it will provide you with a lot of detail. The color processing is a little bit different on both sensors as the chipsets are different, but overall, the colors and quality of the main cameras are really pleasing. The HDR is also quite good from the main cameras, with the Pro being a little better.

The Pro has a telephoto lens instead of the depth sensor of the standard Realme 6. The telephoto is a way better sensor than the depth one, which doesn’t even make the portraits better. The ultrawide sensor on both the phones is a good one and provides a very wide field of view, but the Pro definitely has a better ultrawide sensor.

The macro camera is just okay on both of the phones if you are lucky, and the phones get the picture in focus. Both phones come with a 16 MP selfie shooter while the Pro has an additional 8 MP ultrawide camera on the front. Quality from both the selfie shooters is great in daylight.

The phones also come with night modes, and you can use them to take pictures in dimly lit areas, and you will be surprised to see the results. The night mode is pretty good in these phones as it reduces the noise and makes the scene brighter so that the image becomes way better than with the normal mode. Overall, if you are considering cameras, then the Pro is a better choice due to the telephoto camera and better dynamic range in the main sensor.

Battery Life

Both Realme 6 and 6 Pro come with a 4300 mAh battery, which is quite large but not uncommon for a budget phone. Battery life from both phones is really great, but the 6 Pro edges the standard one in this regard as the 720G is more efficient than the G90T. Both of these phones support 30W VOOC 4.0 charging.

There is a Type C port present on both of the phones, and you can easily charge both phones in under an hour. Considering the budget price, this is a really great addition. Sadly, there is no support for wireless charging, but at this price point, nobody expects it.


Overall, Realme has really set the benchmark for the best budget phones currently present in the market. The 90Hz display is a flagship feature that no other phone in this price point offers, and the cameras on these phones are also great. If you are in the market to buy a new phone and want to experience a flagship-like experience at a budget price, then you should definitely check out the Realme 6 and 6 Pro.

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