Review of Canon T6/1300D, Is it Worth It?

Introduction to the Digital SLR

EOS 1300D or T6 is an entry-level Digital SLR from the Canon, which was introduced way back in 2016. But the important thing you can notice is that 1300D is considered as one of the best Entry or Beginner Level DSLR not only because of the price range but also the features you get with the Price.

The best thing about this DSLR is its functionality, which makes it very easy to handle and also its built quality, which is what people like in entry-level DSLR’s. You can easily take this DSLR around with you because of its lightweight construction, and you can also transfer pictures around the other electronic devices easily due to the connectivity provided in this DSLR by Canon.

That was all the outer shell of this marvelous Entry Level DSLR, let us hop into the details of this DSLR so that you can figure out what this DSLR actually is?

Camera and Features

So, a Camera is actually the first thing anybody would ask about a DSLR. In this DSLR, you get an APS-C Sensor that can give you 18Mp of shooting and comes with a processor from Canon named Digic 4 plus. On the continuous shooting, this camera can provide you a 3fps shooting, which is more than enough for a beginner.

When it comes to video recording, Canon is considered one of the top choices. That is why the 1300D comes with a beautiful 1080p recording on 30fps. The maximum ISO you can reach is only 6400, which is a drop point of this DSLR, but there is an extended ISO, which is 12800, making it very easy to use in the Lowlight conditions.

On the features side, the Canon 1300D has some reasonably popular options like the easy options control through the Q button provided on the Fiber Polycarbonate Body. You can also press the shortcut key for aperture, exposure, ISO, etc. to quickly change the settings in the Manuel mode.

There is also a circular button on the top grip, which can provide you with ten different options like the Night, Portrait, Sports, Food, Landscape, Macro, and other Presets for Portraits. There is also an option that leads to the Auto mode and the manual mode through which you can either let the camera handle everything or become a professional (change settings your own self).


Canon EOS 1300D comes with an LCD that has 920k dots, meaning it is relatively easy to see the image and capture the picture with. On the Connectivity side, canon brings all kinds of stuff like the NFC, Wi-Fi pairing to the camera itself; therefore, you won’t have to worry about transferring/sharing the photos or videos.

The great thing about the LCD of this camera is that it comes with 920000 dots, meaning you can catch and watch those crisp closeup shots even on the LCD of 1300D. The wireless connectivity is done through the application of Canon byname Canon Camera Connect, which is free to use. You can make your camera a remote-controlled one or even set the setting wirelessly. Through this application, you can really do anything you want, without touching the camera itself.

On the dimension side, this camera comes with 129mm width, 77.6mm depth, and 101.3mm height. The sleekness is seen in this camera, which on papers round-up to 0.6mm narrow and 0.3mm shallow as compared to the predecessor 1200D.

You might be wondering about the weight of this beautiful camera; well, the camera is reasonably lightweight, having only 485 grams without the lenses included.

At the least, let me mention those beautiful nine all cross-type focus points, which is one of the main selling points of this camera. These all cross-type points are well known to capture even the slightest detail, whether it is the video or the continuous shots. They might not be noticeable on the stills, but when you capture the moving object, they are fairly prominent.

Bad points

Well, you might hate this part of the article, but it is a must to look at. This camera can take only 30fps video when it comes to the 1080p format. The standard ISO is very low, and there is no touch screen. But still, these things are negligible when we look at the price of 399 dollars on Amazon with 13-55mm Kit Lens, 75-300 Zoon lens, and a Bag included.

Aspect Comparison

  1. Weight: 4 pounds.
  2. Dimension:4×13.3×11.4 inches.
  3. Technology: APS-C Sensor and Digic 4+ processor
  4. Connectivity: Wi-Fi and NFC.
  5. LCD: 920k dots/non-touch.
  6. Photo/Video: 18 Mega Pixels/ 1080p with 30fps.
  7. Shutter Speed:
  8. ISO: 100 to 6400 and extended up to 12800
  9. Focus Points: 9FP, All Cross-Type

Final Words

Well, when you look at the DSLR camera for Beginners, 1300D comes on top, having all the features and connectivity you might possibly need. It is made of Polycarbonate and weighs light in hand, so you can easily handle this camera. All in one, there is an excellent camera quality and friendly user interface provided by Canon for you. Hence, it can be considered as the best entry level Digital SLR.

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