THE EVERLIVING DSLR NIKON D5300: Why you should consider buying D5300 as a beginner


The Nikon D5300 was released in 2015 is the best of its kind and one of MOST SOLD DSLR out there. The D5300 features a rotatable LCD, exceed 4 APSC 24mp sensors, Durable body and last but not least a 1080p 60fps video recording while shooting fast at 5fps stills. Comparing to the Latest series of DSLR we can easily say that this DSLR still gives a battle to these Cameras. There are also 39 focus points in which there are 9 cross-type FP.


In Pakistan when it was introduced the price was 53,000 PKR due to currency and rate increase of digital instruments the latest price of this camera is 77,000 PKR which is a huge increase in its price. Being as old as it is the price of this DSLR should be very low but u can say that due to its features and its sales the price of this DSLR never decreased instead it increased with time. For more details click here.


The design of d5300 is still considered durable, sleek, small and handy. Being made out of hard plastic with a rubber grip as all other DSLR’s are made of this camera stands tall in quality.  The weight of the D5300 body is only 480 g and size is 128x98x76mm.

It is not weather-sealed so there will be no protection of rain and dust in this camera.


The LCD of Nikon D5300 is fully rotatable and is 1.4 million Dot LCD. Of Course, it is not Touchscreen because it is an old camera but still fully rotatable is enough. It can produce 1080p 60fps video and can let you see the shots easily.


There is Exceed 4 24MP sensor which produces sharper images with ease. There is also a Raw format which produces amazing results.


The main feature of this DSLR is its 39 focus points and 9 cross-type focus point. Which can capture the moving objects with ease and with clarity.


This DSLR can take up to 600 shots depending on the situation and pictures it can increase or decrease because the temperature and the sunlight in which the DSLR is being used can alter the strength of the DSLR battery. It might increase or it might also decrease.


The standard ISO is 100-12000 but it can go max up to 25,600 which is more than enough for users.


This DSLR has all the Modes that there are in any other DSLR of its price range till 2019.


As this DSLR is very old but still has all the features and it is one the most sold DSLR out there. There is a separate community out there for this DSLR. The lens and the perks which they used can be used on you DSLR too.

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